Update Access 365

Remain current with the latest ISO 17025 template updates!

Update Access 365

"The only thing that is constant is change" is an adage that illustrates the importance of being prepared for the inevitable. ISO 17025 requirements can change, accreditation bodies' interpretations can change, and we're constantly thinking of new ways to bring more value by developing new templates and enhancing existing templates.

Template customers acquire perpetual use of templates without subscription fees. However, access to our updates and enhancements is exclusively available to active subscribers of Update Access 365. With Update Access 365, subscribers gain peace of mind through continued access to the latest template additions and enhancements when:

  • There are minor revisions to ISO 17025
  • Accreditation bodies identify a significant gap in the templates
  • Editorial changes are made to correct or clarify the template content
  • There are other improvements to template quality and usability

Update Access 365 provides access to template additions and enhancements for 365 days beyond the initial purchase date. Update Access 365 is renewable at the end of each 365 day time period.

Update Access 365 is NOT an auto-renewing subscription. Near the end of the 365 days, customers will receive an expiration notification and will be given the option to renew access for an additional 365 days! Customers retain full control over renewal.

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