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Frequently Asked Questions

Do templates require ongoing subscription fees?

No. Once purchased, the templates may be used perpetually without ongoing subscription fees.

Is there a limit to the number of users?

No. The templates may be accessed by an unlimited number of users within a given laboratory or company.

Are template updates available?

Yes. From time to time, templates are updated to correct minor errors and to incorporate new ideas that are thought to improve the content and user experience. Customers who wish to receive access to future updates must have an active Update Access 365 subscription.

Where can I see a preview of the templates?

Our Previews page provides free previews of select templates that are included in the ISO 17025:2017 Management System Template.

Why are some Management System folders empty?

Some folders in the ISO 17025:2017 Management System Template are intentionally empty! This is not a mistake. The empty folders are designated storage locations for future records that will be collected by the user's laboratory over time.

Where is the Quality Manual?

The Quality Manual is inside the folder named EIR-002 Policy and Procedures. The Quality Manual file name is: QM-001 ISO 17025 Quality Manual.docx.

Why are some files .txt files instead of MS Word or Excel files?

While we've done our best to provide as much content as possible, each laboratory's situation will be unique based on their field and scope of testing and/or calibration. Because each laboratory's requirements are unique, some of the Management System's content must be created by the laboratory to meet their specific needs. Placeholder text files are provided to remind users of this need.

How do I renew Update Access 365?

  • 1. Login to the premium content section by visiting
  • 2. Select "Purchase History" from the User Menu.
  • 3. Select the Item Description for the template to be renewed.
  • 4. Select the "Renew Access" button.
  • 5. Complete the payment process.

How do I know if there is was revision to a template?

Only active content subscribers can view the current version and release date. Follow these steps to view the current template version and release date:

  • 1. Login to the premium content section by visiting
  • 2. For templates, select "Download Templates" from the User Menu.
  • 3. For tools, select "Download Tools" from the User Menu.

The current version and release date is displayed under each template or tool description.

Where can I find a summary of revisions to a template?

A summary of changes is provided in the change log text-file that is included with each download file package.