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Excel Measurement Uncertainty Estimate Calculator Bundle

The Estimating Measurement Uncertainty Calculator Bundle is designed to be used with Microsoft Excel and helps labs meet ISO 17025 requirements. This bundle is useful for labs that are new to the ISO 17025 standard as well as accredited labs that want simple, accurate, high-quality measurement uncertainty estimates.

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MS Word DocumentQP-001: Estimating Measurement Uncertainty

MS Word DocumentQP-002: Reporting Measurement Uncertainty


MS Excel WorkbookFO-003: Uncertainty Estimate Calculator


Uncertainty Calculator Features

1. Inputs and Outputs

Four worksheets for entering, calculating and reporting measurement uncertainty. Continue scrolling down this page to view screenshots of each worksheet.


2. Security

By default, all worksheets are protected to prevent unintentional alterations. However, the sheets may be unprotected at any time to permit customization.


3. Professional Look

Professionally formatted uncertainty estimate certificates.

Preview Certificate

4. Hover Help

Hover help is available wherever a red triangle appears in the upper right corner of a cell.

Hover Help!


Automated Computations

For R+R, the uncertainty calculator automatically computes the average, standard deviation, sample size, and degrees of freedom from a set of data. The calculator then automatically applies the corresponding t-value to correct for sample sizes.





All digital products offered on this site were built with Microsoft Office and are compatable with Office 2010 and forward.


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Learn Uncertainty

Video: Fundamentals of Estimating Measurement Uncertainty

Take the mystery out of estimating uncertainty in 30 minutes by subscribing to "Fundamentals of Estimating Measurement Uncertainty". Check out the free training video preview then, get instant access with a premium subscription!



The Measurement Uncertainty Calculator Worksheets

1. Step by step procedure for using the spreadsheet

2. T-Value table to automate sample size correction

3. Input form for entering repeatability data

4. Form for entering other sources of measurement uncertainty - also prints as the certificate.

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